Capturing the Center – Part 3 – Cult

The Cult of Yurei has possibly the most powerful objective grabbers of the game, but also he is limited with his choice of models for reach the center of the table fast enough.

The Cult has also a lot of models that can deny the objectives to the enemies (MoIses, Penangalan, Taka…) but they need a dice roll, you can use them if you feel lucky, but I don’t recomend include lots of these models (but at least one is highly recomended). They are very useful conditioning your opponent movements and decisions, and thats their true power.

Right now there are two tactics:

  • Nezumi/Nezumi Kun: I can say that including at least one of the Rat-Men is mandatory in a Yurei Warband. They are awesome in all scenarios. These two yokai can reach the middle objectives just with a single Run Action. Scout + Movement 5 and Leap make them exceptionaly mobile. Take care with some agressive lists however, running and then being in the center of the battlefield exhausted is very dangerous.
  • Breath of Yurei: If you can’t reach the center, you still can deny the center to your oponent. With this special darkness very few lists will be capable of reach the objectives in first turn. You can also use the darkness with Wraith for instill true fear to your oponent, he probably will hate you…


Have fun!

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Buy your Rise of the Kage now!


GCT Studios (Fathers of Bushido, for me the best miniatures game) has made another game. Help them to make the game even better and contribute in their funding campaign here:


Rise of the Kage is a game where 1-3 players play as Ninjas of the Shadow Wind Clan, working cooperatively. They complete missions and fight against the Guards of the Prefecture of Ryu (controlled by another player).


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Capturing the Center – Part 2 – Temple

The Temple is very versatile faction. It has a lot of possible ways to reach the middle of the table fast, but the synergies between the models are needed to work.



We can divide the models in 3 types (for this article):

  • Models with Boostable Movement: Master Po, Kenko, Yumi, Riku, Kitsune, Hotaru, Seiji… these are the bread and butter of a Temple Warband, the Core Monks, capable of fighting against different foes (Slam, Combo, Sidestep, Defensive traits…) or running for do some scenario stuff. Suchiro & Sojobo are a different kind of warriors, because they are outstanding defending positions against enemies, like a tank, but they can’t boost their movement.
  • Models that can Boost other models: Air Kami, Aiko, Farmer*, Ekusa… some of these are needed to use your core monks full potential. The objective here is achieve base movement value of 7 (then you can reach the center with only one Run Action). Aiko or the Air Kami gives you instant +1 movement (+light footed! yay!). Ekusa can channel extra ki for the boost, and the Farmer can help you to boost easily to 7 Movement, but he need also an extra Ki for being capable of using Faith in first turn (Ekusa, Kawa, or Ashinaga can help here).
  • Models that can work alone: Koji can reach the middle alone, with Scout + using his Ki for a Movement Boost. Shisha can reach the center of the table also in first turn, but he needs to leech 3 Ki.

This offers a lot of possible combinations of Warriors + Supports that let your warband reach the center of the battlefield fast enough. For example:







Air Kami

Rice Farmer


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Capturing the Center – Part 1 – Prefecture

One of the most important things right now in most of the scenarios (except VIM ones) is the chance of capturing fast the middle of the table. Turning some idols for your side in turn one, pray on a Neutral Shrine, or control a ZoC with your models early game can be the difference between an easy or a hard battle. The 1st VP is maybe the most important VP in the game, then you can concentrate on hold positions, defend, and negate VP to your opponent.

Lets see how the different factions are capable of doing this with the models avalaible. Lets start with the Dragon Clan, rulers of the Jwar Isles, the Prefecture of Ryu:


The prefecture has 3 methods to achieve the conquest of the middle:

  • Ashigaru Army

With the ashigaru Army you need Fujitaka + Junichi. Fujitaka does Focus action, and channels 2 ki to Junichi. Junichi then has 3 ki for do the “Battle Stations” feat. Running with up to 3 ashigaru and then using “Order” leave the ashigaru within 4.5 inch of the middle objectives and rested. You only need to run again with them and capture.

You spend a lot of resources to do this, leaving Fujitaka and Junichi exhausted in the deployment Zone. And still you need 2-3 ashigaru capable of go to the front line (Usually you don’t want to use Minuro to capture scenario objectives).

Fortunately, with Hanso you can use “Move it!” next turn, helping Fujitaka and Junichi to move with the rest of the warband (and do Focus + Order again if needed!).

  • The General Katsumoto

This powerful support model alone can allow you to capture the middle scenario objectives in Turn one. He can use “Order” without spending any Ki at all. With him, two samurai of your choice (Like Hiro and Hagane) can reach the center of the table. Is a very agressive tactic, because most of the enemies don’t want to advance where there are 2 samurai defending.

In the second turn, Katsumoto can move and to do 2 “Dominate” or 1 “Command”, and still gives you Tactician, thats a huge tactical advantage…

  • Mizuchi, the Dragon

Mizuchi can leech Ki (1×2 leeched) from his allies. With an extra 0.5inch due to his size and his boostable movement 5 and fly, he can easily achieve movement 7. Running with movement 7 grant a model the speed needed to reach the center of the table just Tired. Then he still has one activation left to do the scenario action.

Take care doing this however, because you are spending an expensive model for the scenario stuff, and then is only a 1 MS model (run and exhausted) in the center of the table. But is one of the myriads of things that the dragon can do.



Have fun!

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Clan Vs Cult – The Envoy

I decided to let the Savage Wave rest this time, and I have played with the Ito Clan, blessed with the power of Orochi.

I applied the same logic that I used with Bakemono, so I need 50% of the warband capable of doing the scenario Stuff, and the other 50% do the fighting, support, control or whatever. With this in mind, I think that at least Satoshi + one shisai + some ashigaru are mandatory with the Clan for play competitively. Thats 31-35 rice, so 15-19 rice left for the big warrior.

I decided to try Itsunagi, the legendary warrior, and upgrade my Shisai to Ayako:









My opponent wanted to try Waku again, and here is the list:





2 Small Swarms

Large Rat Swarm

Shichiro + Mask


He had lots of insignificant models, but fortunately for him, the scenario rolled was Envoy, so I couldn’t use all my warband potential, and his insignificant models were 100% useful in scenario stuff.

The VIMs were Shichiro and Itsunagi. We thought that the VP achieved due to First Blood in this scenario was through any source of damage, but today we check that is only with Mele damage. Now my opponent will never choose Itsunagi as a VIM again…


The first turn was a tactical aproximation to the center of the table. The second turn I won the Tactical roll, and I decided to suicide Chiyo, threatening his Nezumi in order to use her as a Decoy, just for tempt my enemy to attack her with the Large Swarm, that was right in front of Shichiro. I had luck and my enemy moved that swarm for attacking Chiyo from behind. That has allowed me to boost Itsunagi’s movement and attack Shichiro with the “perfect combat machine”, dealing 6 wounds and killing the VIM.

This almost sentenced all the game. Shichiro and Itsunagi have the same number of total wounds in their wound tracks, so I achieved the first VP due to First blood and my opponent couldn’t comeback in VP. We decided to play just to see if was a 3-0 or 1-0. After a couple of bloody turns Itsunagi died, so the final result of the match was 1-0.

Chiyo is a nice model. Leap and boostable movement makes her very versatile on the battlefield, ignoring some terrain or models and being where she is needed.

Takeji is solid and reliable. I often include him just for the 2 Ki + Iron mind. Is a must against the Cult of Yurei and most of the time I prefer him over Masunagi (however the samurai is a killing machine). In the other hand, Masunagi’s Fear 4 helps a lot against the Small rat swarms…

The star in this game was Itsunagi. He is amazing in combat, and a nemesis against The Cult. Fearless, Strong mind + Iron mind… negates almost all opposed rolls, and all Fear checks. Pure gold. He has a lot of presence in all games, and 13 rice is a right cost for him. Some people might think that he is overcosted, but they are wrong, he is a combat monster and his cost is just right.

Fast win, however was a enjoying battle. Using models as decoy to force enemy movements is one of the things that makes bushido so deep tacticaly. A lot of games are needed to fully apreciate this game, and unfortunately here in our local club a lot of new people don’t play enough to see the game true potential… For us Bushido is maybe the best game out there.


Have fun!

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A brief overview of the game Factions released:


The prefecture (The Dragon Clan) is a faction of Ashigaru, Samurai and a bit of other things (Ninja, Spiritual Warrior Monks and even a Dragon). They have great warriors, great synergy between the ashigaru troops, and some powerful supports. This faction has a military playstyle, very defensive and tactical.

symbolrokanTEMPLE OF RO-KAN

The Temple has Monks, Peasants and spiritual beings like Kami. They can be fast moving and have a lots of special attacks and defences that need to know how to use properly. Is afaction very Ki dependant but versatile that combines powerful warriors with nice support models.

symbolyureiCULT OF YUREI

The Cult have a mess of Humans, Kairai (Zombies), Rats and Yokai (Spirit Monsters). They have a lot of battlefield control powers and also have Fear trait. They share slow and tough models with fast and fragile ones, supported by powerful casters in the rear. Tricky to use but powerful.

symbolwaveSAVAGE WAVE

A Wave of Giant Oni and his Bakemono minions. The bakemono, creatures of Darkness, are coward and weak but are many, and share ki like a Hive Mind. Their counterpart, the Oni are tough, hit hard and cause Fear to the enemy. Both need each other for complete success in the battlefield.

symbolitoITO CLAN

Rivals of the Prefecture, the Snake clan have Samurai, Ashigaru and Blessed Sishai. Half of the models have mutations that have turned them into half-snakes. The clan have fast and hard hitting models, very good in attack. Also they have poison, a count down for his enemies.


The crime masters. This faction has Buto (tough and steady warriors), Roses (fast ladies with control powers), Oyabun (powerful support leaders), and Shatei (the grunts). Combines fragile models with lots of feats that control the battlefield with the resilience of Buto and the swiftness of the roses.

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Bakemono Power

Today another game with Savage Wave. This time against SilverMoon, a super fun faction. The scenario was Reikan, and the VIMs, Hanami and Tra-Peng.



The Nian



2 Spearmen

2 Beaters


I consider the learning with this faction finished. I played again with an optimal list of 50% bakemono. After the results with lists like that and seeing other people having the same results (as the winner of Gencon for example), definitely the Wave must be played with half warband filled with bakemono. At least 6 Ki is needed for Summon/Darkness.






My opponent played:




Golden Sentinel





I think that maybe 3 support models in that list is too much, but all of them were useful during the match.

Hanami and Tra-Peng (with Shadow Walk) are very mobile models, and both walked all the battlefield safely. Light Footed is a great and powerful trait, but Darkness + ShadowWalk is costly but outstanding giving me the 1st VP.

Darkness is a must. If you dont need to summon a Bakemono for replacing casualties and rise 6 Ki again next turn, always try to use Darkness. Deny Run Actions and most of the ranged enemy powers is Huge. Later in the game summoning is very useful for protecting important models, denying the enemy movements with your Zones of Control and models. One bakemono moving in front of Tra-Peng and summoning another gave me the Victory, protecting my VIM with a living wall.

The Nian was useful for discover (Disguise >_<) and later killing a wounded Hanami, because is maybe the only model capable of catching her. Hanami is very resilient: Bravery, Ranged Defense 2, Parry, Cheap Boost, make her more dificult to kill than the other roses, and if you dont kill her and she has activations and ki remaining she can Kiss you… seems an expensive model, but on table is very solid.

Tautolu was a very efficient tank, fighting alone against 25 rice of models… supported by the Harukichi re-rolls and Jumo Training tokens. Thanks to outnumbering and Stuns, finally Bobata has managed to kill him.

The final result was 3-0 for the Savage Wave. Was a realy fun game (as always) and every model did something realy useful during the match. Now I need to paint some models >_<

Lets see what wave 20 brings to Savage Wave. This faction is enjoying as hell, maybe even more than the Temple 😮 but Temple has cooler models ^^ Master Akari looks promising. The Ito clan is very powerful, but is a bit more boring to play (but Bushido is never Boring at all!), lets see the new model, Mizuki, that looks promising also.

Have fun!


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