Overwhelming – Introduction

First of all, if the tittle was not clear enough, this post is about Overwhelming your opponent. What is Overwhelming, you say? I’m really ashamed of you, brother Initiate. You probably have been doing it often, even if you were not aware of it. The word refers to the ingame use of model superiority. Particularly, the intended superiority of cheap and abundant models.

How does Overwhleming win games? Quite simple: cheap and persistent models keep on sticking to every enemy model until all of them get exhausted. Then, the remaining models, usually the fast ones, take the objectives, pray, escort the VIM to the other side or just get together in a Control Zone and start a rave.

If the average rice cost of your models stick to 5, you will deploy 10 models in a 50 rice game. They will all be totally crappy models and most factions really have it impossible to keep that average.

If the average is 6, which is more factible in most factions, there will be about 8 models in the game, which is nice but not so overwhelming compared to any standard list: 6-7 models.

So, in conlcusion, to effectively Overwhelm a player  needs 8+ models. That’s the sweet spot where you win your opponent in numbers. Always remember that crappy models die easily, and sometimes you will need more than one to keep an enemy at bay, so you will need at least 2 or 3 more models than your opponent to make sure someone will stay free by the end of the turn to do whatever the mission is.

I heard you already, I know. If crappy models die easily, how can you keep the model number superiority through the game? In order to enlighten you, let’s see 7 helpful tips.

1) Accept death. Crappy models can, and surely will, die horribly in a carnage. That’s what better models usually do. Accept death, don’t play the coward but don’t throw your models to any uneccessary death. Suicide takes you to oblivion but well timed, appropiate suicides grants Victory! Remember the game Scores throughout the game, usually turn 2-4-6. If you are able to get the first 2 Victory Points you will have won, even if everybody dies. That’s why, once you get your first Victory Point, you just need to stick to the enemy and suicide your models as much as you need if it means you will get you second Victory Point in turn 4.

2) Play deffensive. Crappy models are torn appart like paper tissues. Don’t give your opponent an easier time and roll your dice in defense. You want your models alive, not your opponent’s dead. Maximum priority. Now, repeat it to yourself five times. If you see that mean bastard keeps rolling full attack in response to your strategy, don’t fear to roll a single die in attack whenever you have a chance (and obviously, if you have the initiative in the fight!). He will have learnt the lesson and won’t do it again. Then, you can continue rolling full defense.

3) Use resilient models. Some factions may have access to cheap models with Melee Skill 3 or Armour. Others may deploy Durable models. Mobility or extra wounds always help, but it’s not usual in cheap models. Some may Heal. All these will have a better time surviving combat turn after turn, and you will maintain your model superiority for longer.

4) “Order” around. The Order feat is a Complex action which will only grant you activation superiority if you can grant 3 extra activations (the complex action already counts as 2 activations wasted). You won’t have model superiority, but will have extra actions wherever you need. You could even use Order on only two models, if those are tougher than the Ordering one. You don’t get additional activations in number, but trade 2 from a weak model to get 2 with stronger ones. Obviously, the model with Order must be low in rice to keep your model count high.

5) Be “Tireless”. There are very few tireless models in the game, but they are excellent absorbing enemy activations. Try to lock down as many models as you can in Btb. Enemies will fight you and get exhausted, and you will still be ready to activate, more around and melee a second enemy model. That’s a minum of 4 activations stolen using just 2. It’s a win-win situtation.

6) Spur on everything. A few animal handlers, as well as Kairai, grant very cheap models that can “Rise” when reduced to 0 wounds, healing themselves and staying in the fight.

7) Summon! Currently there are only two factions who are able to summon models to the board. Summoning means you can compensate your loss of models with a permanent supply while the situation is under control. And it will freak out your opponent, unable to get rid of so much annoyance, forcing him to make mistakes. Rage is a good weapon. Your opponent will focus on killing everything or, on the contrary, avoiding it, when he should be using a balanced tactic and decide every action wisely. Watch how each turn advances, and keep your summoner models ready to summon by the end of the turn wherever support is needed, don’t waste their Ki and activations lightly.

The article will continue in deep soon, with specific Strategies and Tactics. Meanwhile, remember not raging when your plans go down the drain. Your models should be regarded as dead men walking and this is all about having fun playing a game. Anything you intend to do, you’ll get it eventually. Yurei are known for their patience and long term plans.


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