Evil Cult Treacheries – “Taka” makes friends

Hello once again, welcome everybody, both my dear Cult Iniciates and those heartless spies from other dull Factions.

Today I’m going to speak about one of the best models in the Cult of Yurei: Taka.





















This little Orphan of Yurei lacks size but is plenty of evil tricks. As a first analisys we see she’s short on wounds (just 4) and Melee Skill (just 1). Yet, she’s Small and can hide easily from shooters and has Fear (5) which is awesome to keep those pesky cheap models away from her. Even in melee, she still has Dodge which can save her life. But never rely on dodge, remember it. If she is caught in melee she’ll be useless, if not dead. Even a bakemono could get rid of her in melee once the Fear is passed.

So what’s so awesome about her? Everything! But mostly her two Ki Feats. Couldn’t say which is better.

“Unleash Wrath”

This Ki feat should be, 95% of the games, cast in Turn 1. Don’t ask, just do it. If there’s not much menace from shooters, run with Taka and Summon Wrath in her second activation. Try to move her into a defensive position, behind a wall or next to a forest, and summon Wrath within 2” of her at the other side of the wall.

Wrath is badass, even with 2 Ki. Don’t waste points ok Kimiko’s whistle, you could save that rice for something better (like a Small Rat Swarm or Drain). He has 3 uses.

A) As a general rule, use him to catch weak models (2 Ki supports and casters best) that are in positions difficult to reach or behind other model’s Zone of Control. You will quickly heal Ki and grow while not letting those models give their support or declare Scenario Actions.

B) It’s the ultimate assassin. His extreme mobility makes him perfect to melee or charge from difficult positions to get an enemy model from behind. Use Kairai or similar to force the enemy model give their back to Wrath and once exhausted It’ll be a piece of cake. Remember he can jump from Strategy A to B without problems thanks to being intangible.

C) It’s the last desperate life savior. If a dangerous enemy model is about to declare an action that you cannot let happen by any mean, Wrath can boost his movement and Charge that model to tire or lock him in Btb. Strategy A and B are sweet so don’t try to do C unless there’s no other option. And try to keep Taka ready with 2 Ki in case Wrath is slain.

Remember A, B and C are not so important when playing a VIM scenario. We’re talking about a Sharp model inmune to Opposed Ki Tests. The VIM is always maximum priority!

“Instill Wrath”

This Ki Feat is what makes Taka be so popular. Almost every player I faced until now has felt true despair with her. Stun + Berserk make unbelievable combos. Let’s see them:

Scenario Objectives: Buda heads, Shrines, Zones… Just anything that requires a model to be Still and hold position. Turn that model Berserk and smile watching it run away fiercely from his position.

Dangerous Fighters: A stun is always good. If an Enemy model is too dangerous in melee, a Stun will limit his lethality and force him to melee the closest one, probably saving your most delicate models. You can even use Small Rat Swarms as decoy to keep your models alive.

Dangerous Shooters: Well, very strong shooters tend to be crappier in melee. Add a stun here. Now, let’s remember that while Berserk they are forced to Melee or Charge (towards you!) and are unable to shoot. A well placed “Instill Wrath” in Turn 2 renders any shooter useless and places it, stunned, next to your forces. Yay! Such a little heart for so much love.

Large Swarm of Rats: It’s Tireless. So a Berserk and Stunned model will run into him and you won’t lose activations. Now, you can go full defense and let that model lose both activations and then go somewhere else. Or you can throw a few dice in attack and combo-pierce-devour that model (while risking being wounded) now that he’s low on MS and can’t go deffensively. You can even go defensive until he gets Exhausted to fight back.

Kato likes Masks: A 3 MS exhausted, stunned and berserk model (without adding any more potential debuffs) will only roll 1 die in attack. That’s 0 defense. Yes, that’s an automatic “Ivory Prison Attack” unless you roll aces (just don’t play risky and roll at least a couple of dice, boosting if neccessary). Oh, Onis and Butos are MS3 models? Yummi.

Kato likes Puppets: It’s quite amusing. Just keep close the Controlled model (better a heavy hitter) to the one you are about to turn Berserk. Yes, he will attack his ally. Yes, his (controlled) ally is going to roll full attack. Enjoy the fireworks. Remember to drain all the Ki from the controlled model with a Kairai, if possible.

Mo Ises likes Trains: You can play this on turn 1 , but be aware it’s very risky and you won’t summon wrath. The “Love Train” only calls once in a game, and your enemy shouldn’t be missing it. Run with Taka and use her gaze on the second activation to “Instill Wrath” to a model that ran and you really want in the afterlife (if he didn’t ran, he may not be in her Ki Feats range). Watch how that model walks directly to you. Now, move Mo Ises into range and if his Ki Feat is successful, make the enemy walk into your lines and give his back to you. The Enemy will have Ran plus Stunned, Exhausted, Surprised and forced to roll his dice into attack (no option to boost, Surprise Attack). Now, tear it apart, “Ivory Prison” it, Combo-munch it or whatever pleases you the most.

Have Fun my dear Acolytes!

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