Capturing the Center – Part 7 – Special Cards

In this final chapter of “Capturing the Center” I will mention 2 Special Cards, both very powerful and versatile if included in any Warband (for all factions):

Elixir of Vigor: This allows you to have an extra activation with one single model. That allows you, if used in the first turn of the game, to reach the center of the table easily with any Movement 4+ model in the game (if it’s not slow). Can also be used for offensive purposes in the first turn, but need to be done with lots of care because can lead you more than once to a lots of trouble too soon in the game. You can also save the Elixir for later in the game with infinite possibilities, but that will be commented in the future, not in this article.

Vial of Raijin’s Breath: With this and a Movement 5 model you can reach the middle objectives in one Run action. Also, you will ignore other models and terrain during the movement if at the start of it you can see your destination. Useful in models like Oni, that can ignore his allies bakemono and jump over them to the center of the table. (In that particular case you’ll WANT to use “Darkness”, or Ranged attackers and casters will be a serious threat for the Oni if he jumped too soon).

Always remember that these cards need a Ki token to work, so bear that in mind while doing your strategies. You can combine them with other rushing tactics for full potential.

Next article will be about one key model of the Cult of Yurei. Stay tuned and have fun!

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