Capturing the Center – Part 6 – Syndicate

Right now, the Silvermoon Syndicate has only one way to reach the center of the table in the Turn 1:









Oda, The Jumo Trainer: This model is one of the best additions to the faction. And I mean Oda alone, not Oda+Tautolu, that I consider a bit useless as a single model. They are much better as independant models.

Oda’s Jumo Sensei Feat is an Active Ki Feat, so he can use it and he will still have his both activations. That’s nice, because he will need those activations to perform Order. With this ability and some Buto you can reach the middle scenario objectives easily, and threaten your enemy with powerful warriors. Take care with Ito Clan or Savage Wave agressive tactics, or Katsumoto & Samurai warbands while doing this. Maybe you need to include at least one Rose in your warband for “controling” your opponent models and deny him the objectives.

Later you can advance with Oda (he will be in the rear, a bit safe depending on your enemy models) to be at reach of your Buto, keep using the Jumo Sensei Feat, and in turn 3+ he can use Order or Focus when needed (with Focus he can use his Jumo Sensei twice).

Have fun!

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