Capturing the Center – Part 5 – Wave

Like the Ito Clan, the Savage Wave is limited in his ways of reaching the middle of the table. The main tactic is to use the Bakemono Horde, as they excel in all the scenario stuff, but they let you few room for other models.



  •  Bakemono Horde: The objective here is to reach at least 6 Ki with the Bakemono while doing the warband, more if possible. 6 ki allows you to Summon a Bakemono later in the game (that can be nasty with the Bakemono Cave) and, maybe the most important, lets you to use the Darkness in turn 1. Darkness is 5 ki, but you still need some ki for Shadow Walking. All bakemono need 2ki for shadow walking 2 times (one on each activation) for being capable of reaching the middle objectives. Tra-Peng only need 1 Shadow Walk due to his Scout trait (indeed he don’t need even the darkness if you use the terrain wisely or deny the LoS to your enemy blocking it with your Oni). I usually include Tra-Peng, Zung-Fu/Okina&Oto, and 3-4 Bakemono in my lists. That’s 22-27 rice, and you still have 23-28 rice for the rest of the warband (normally, one Oni and a Beast or Onisho, and Jun if possible).
  • The agressive way: Just like the Ito Clan, the Savage wave have a lot of models with large base and movement 5. Capturing an objective knowing that the Nian can jump at you, or Zuba (that can deny also with his ranged attack) is scary. In addition,  if you also have bakemono in your warband, the darkness helps you against the opposed ki tests and most of the ranged attacks that turn. Take care with your loses playing agressively though, because the Savage wave need numbers to work well.


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