Capturing the Center – Part 4 – Clan

The Ito Clan is a powerful faction. They have fast and lethal warriors, and Shisai for channeling extra ki. However, to reach the center of the table they are somehow limited. There are two main tactics:

  • Satoshi & Company: Satoshi is an excelent model in all scenarios. With him, 3 Ashigaru (Temple Bushi, Hitoshi, Chiyo, Jade Mamba, Saburo or Takeji) and 1 Shisai (for the extra ki that Satoshi needs), you can use “Order” in First turn of the game, and capture up to 3 objectives. To do this, you need around 35 rice points of your warband, with the extra rice for an elite warrior of your choice or more troops.
  • The agressive tactic: With 40mm base models of movement 5, you can “deny” the objectives to your opponent. You can’t capture the objectives, but models like Kenzo or Yatsumata can Run, and threaten the enemy models with a possible and dangerous attack. Most of the models will be exhausted in the center of the table (and possibly they ran also) so are easy prey for the Elite warriors of the Clan. Add Naoko and your enemy will move very cautiously if he want to survive. However, take care with some Opposed Ki Feats when advancing to the center of the table, because your own models may become too much exposed.


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