Capturing the Center – Part 3 – Cult

The Cult of Yurei has possibly the most powerful objective grabbers of the game, but also he is limited with his choice of models for reach the center of the table fast enough.

The Cult has also a lot of models that can deny the objectives to the enemies (MoIses, Penangalan, Taka…) but they need a dice roll, you can use them if you feel lucky, but I don’t recomend include lots of these models (but at least one is highly recomended). They are very useful conditioning your opponent movements and decisions, and thats their true power.

Right now there are two tactics:

  • Nezumi/Nezumi Kun: I can say that including at least one of the Rat-Men is mandatory in a Yurei Warband. They are awesome in all scenarios. These two yokai can reach the middle objectives just with a single Run Action. Scout + Movement 5 and Leap make them exceptionaly mobile. Take care with some agressive lists however, running and then being in the center of the battlefield exhausted is very dangerous.
  • Breath of Yurei: If you can’t reach the center, you still can deny the center to your oponent. With this special darkness very few lists will be capable of reach the objectives in first turn. You can also use the darkness with Wraith for instill true fear to your oponent, he probably will hate you…


Have fun!

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