Capturing the Center – Part 2 – Temple

The Temple is very versatile faction. It has a lot of possible ways to reach the middle of the table fast, but the synergies between the models are needed to work.



We can divide the models in 3 types (for this article):

  • Models with Boostable Movement: Master Po, Kenko, Yumi, Riku, Kitsune, Hotaru, Seiji… these are the bread and butter of a Temple Warband, the Core Monks, capable of fighting against different foes (Slam, Combo, Sidestep, Defensive traits…) or running for do some scenario stuff. Suchiro & Sojobo are a different kind of warriors, because they are outstanding defending positions against enemies, like a tank, but they can’t boost their movement.
  • Models that can Boost other models: Air Kami, Aiko, Farmer*, Ekusa… some of these are needed to use your core monks full potential. The objective here is achieve base movement value of 7 (then you can reach the center with only one Run Action). Aiko or the Air Kami gives you instant +1 movement (+light footed! yay!). Ekusa can channel extra ki for the boost, and the Farmer can help you to boost easily to 7 Movement, but he need also an extra Ki for being capable of using Faith in first turn (Ekusa, Kawa, or Ashinaga can help here).
  • Models that can work alone: Koji can reach the middle alone, with Scout + using his Ki for a Movement Boost. Shisha can reach the center of the table also in first turn, but he needs to leech 3 Ki.

This offers a lot of possible combinations of Warriors + Supports that let your warband reach the center of the battlefield fast enough. For example:







Air Kami

Rice Farmer


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