Capturing the Center – Part 1 – Prefecture

One of the most important things right now in most of the scenarios (except VIM ones) is the chance of capturing fast the middle of the table. Turning some idols for your side in turn one, pray on a Neutral Shrine, or control a ZoC with your models early game can be the difference between an easy or a hard battle. The 1st VP is maybe the most important VP in the game, then you can concentrate on hold positions, defend, and negate VP to your opponent.

Lets see how the different factions are capable of doing this with the models avalaible. Lets start with the Dragon Clan, rulers of the Jwar Isles, the Prefecture of Ryu:


The prefecture has 3 methods to achieve the conquest of the middle:

  • Ashigaru Army

With the ashigaru Army you need Fujitaka + Junichi. Fujitaka does Focus action, and channels 2 ki to Junichi. Junichi then has 3 ki for do the “Battle Stations” feat. Running with up to 3 ashigaru and then using “Order” leave the ashigaru within 4.5 inch of the middle objectives and rested. You only need to run again with them and capture.

You spend a lot of resources to do this, leaving Fujitaka and Junichi exhausted in the deployment Zone. And still you need 2-3 ashigaru capable of go to the front line (Usually you don’t want to use Minuro to capture scenario objectives).

Fortunately, with Hanso you can use “Move it!” next turn, helping Fujitaka and Junichi to move with the rest of the warband (and do Focus + Order again if needed!).

  • The General Katsumoto

This powerful support model alone can allow you to capture the middle scenario objectives in Turn one. He can use “Order” without spending any Ki at all. With him, two samurai of your choice (Like Hiro and Hagane) can reach the center of the table. Is a very agressive tactic, because most of the enemies don’t want to advance where there are 2 samurai defending.

In the second turn, Katsumoto can move and to do 2 “Dominate” or 1 “Command”, and still gives you Tactician, thats a huge tactical advantage…

  • Mizuchi, the Dragon

Mizuchi can leech Ki (1×2 leeched) from his allies. With an extra 0.5inch due to his size and his boostable movement 5 and fly, he can easily achieve movement 7. Running with movement 7 grant a model the speed needed to reach the center of the table just Tired. Then he still has one activation left to do the scenario action.

Take care doing this however, because you are spending an expensive model for the scenario stuff, and then is only a 1 MS model (run and exhausted) in the center of the table. But is one of the myriads of things that the dragon can do.



Have fun!

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