Clan Vs Cult – The Envoy

I decided to let the Savage Wave rest this time, and I have played with the Ito Clan, blessed with the power of Orochi.

I applied the same logic that I used with Bakemono, so I need 50% of the warband capable of doing the scenario Stuff, and the other 50% do the fighting, support, control or whatever. With this in mind, I think that at least Satoshi + one shisai + some ashigaru are mandatory with the Clan for play competitively. Thats 31-35 rice, so 15-19 rice left for the big warrior.

I decided to try Itsunagi, the legendary warrior, and upgrade my Shisai to Ayako:









My opponent wanted to try Waku again, and here is the list:





2 Small Swarms

Large Rat Swarm

Shichiro + Mask


He had lots of insignificant models, but fortunately for him, the scenario rolled was Envoy, so I couldn’t use all my warband potential, and his insignificant models were 100% useful in scenario stuff.

The VIMs were Shichiro and Itsunagi. We thought that the VP achieved due to First Blood in this scenario was through any source of damage, but today we check that is only with Mele damage. Now my opponent will never choose Itsunagi as a VIM again…


The first turn was a tactical aproximation to the center of the table. The second turn I won the Tactical roll, and I decided to suicide Chiyo, threatening his Nezumi in order to use her as a Decoy, just for tempt my enemy to attack her with the Large Swarm, that was right in front of Shichiro. I had luck and my enemy moved that swarm for attacking Chiyo from behind. That has allowed me to boost Itsunagi’s movement and attack Shichiro with the “perfect combat machine”, dealing 6 wounds and killing the VIM.

This almost sentenced all the game. Shichiro and Itsunagi have the same number of total wounds in their wound tracks, so I achieved the first VP due to First blood and my opponent couldn’t comeback in VP. We decided to play just to see if was a 3-0 or 1-0. After a couple of bloody turns Itsunagi died, so the final result of the match was 1-0.

Chiyo is a nice model. Leap and boostable movement makes her very versatile on the battlefield, ignoring some terrain or models and being where she is needed.

Takeji is solid and reliable. I often include him just for the 2 Ki + Iron mind. Is a must against the Cult of Yurei and most of the time I prefer him over Masunagi (however the samurai is a killing machine). In the other hand, Masunagi’s Fear 4 helps a lot against the Small rat swarms…

The star in this game was Itsunagi. He is amazing in combat, and a nemesis against The Cult. Fearless, Strong mind + Iron mind… negates almost all opposed rolls, and all Fear checks. Pure gold. He has a lot of presence in all games, and 13 rice is a right cost for him. Some people might think that he is overcosted, but they are wrong, he is a combat monster and his cost is just right.

Fast win, however was a enjoying battle. Using models as decoy to force enemy movements is one of the things that makes bushido so deep tacticaly. A lot of games are needed to fully apreciate this game, and unfortunately here in our local club a lot of new people don’t play enough to see the game true potential… For us Bushido is maybe the best game out there.


Have fun!

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