A brief overview of the game Factions released:


The prefecture (The Dragon Clan) is a faction of Ashigaru, Samurai and a bit of other things (Ninja, Spiritual Warrior Monks and even a Dragon). They have great warriors, great synergy between the ashigaru troops, and some powerful supports. This faction has a military playstyle, very defensive and tactical.

symbolrokanTEMPLE OF RO-KAN

The Temple has Monks, Peasants and spiritual beings like Kami. They can be fast moving and have a lots of special attacks and defences that need to know how to use properly. Is afaction very Ki dependant but versatile that combines powerful warriors with nice support models.

symbolyureiCULT OF YUREI

The Cult have a mess of Humans, Kairai (Zombies), Rats and Yokai (Spirit Monsters). They have a lot of battlefield control powers and also have Fear trait. They share slow and tough models with fast and fragile ones, supported by powerful casters in the rear. Tricky to use but powerful.

symbolwaveSAVAGE WAVE

A Wave of Giant Oni and his Bakemono minions. The bakemono, creatures of Darkness, are coward and weak but are many, and share ki like a Hive Mind. Their counterpart, the Oni are tough, hit hard and cause Fear to the enemy. Both need each other for complete success in the battlefield.

symbolitoITO CLAN

Rivals of the Prefecture, the Snake clan have Samurai, Ashigaru and Blessed Sishai. Half of the models have mutations that have turned them into half-snakes. The clan have fast and hard hitting models, very good in attack. Also they have poison, a count down for his enemies.


The crime masters. This faction has Buto (tough and steady warriors), Roses (fast ladies with control powers), Oyabun (powerful support leaders), and Shatei (the grunts). Combines fragile models with lots of feats that control the battlefield with the resilience of Buto and the swiftness of the roses.

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