Bakemono Power

Today another game with Savage Wave. This time against SilverMoon, a super fun faction. The scenario was Reikan, and the VIMs, Hanami and Tra-Peng.



The Nian



2 Spearmen

2 Beaters


I consider the learning with this faction finished. I played again with an optimal list of 50% bakemono. After the results with lists like that and seeing other people having the same results (as the winner of Gencon for example), definitely the Wave must be played with half warband filled with bakemono. At least 6 Ki is needed for Summon/Darkness.






My opponent played:




Golden Sentinel





I think that maybe 3 support models in that list is too much, but all of them were useful during the match.

Hanami and Tra-Peng (with Shadow Walk) are very mobile models, and both walked all the battlefield safely. Light Footed is a great and powerful trait, but Darkness + ShadowWalk is costly but outstanding giving me the 1st VP.

Darkness is a must. If you dont need to summon a Bakemono for replacing casualties and rise 6 Ki again next turn, always try to use Darkness. Deny Run Actions and most of the ranged enemy powers is Huge. Later in the game summoning is very useful for protecting important models, denying the enemy movements with your Zones of Control and models. One bakemono moving in front of Tra-Peng and summoning another gave me the Victory, protecting my VIM with a living wall.

The Nian was useful for discover (Disguise >_<) and later killing a wounded Hanami, because is maybe the only model capable of catching her. Hanami is very resilient: Bravery, Ranged Defense 2, Parry, Cheap Boost, make her more dificult to kill than the other roses, and if you dont kill her and she has activations and ki remaining she can Kiss you… seems an expensive model, but on table is very solid.

Tautolu was a very efficient tank, fighting alone against 25 rice of models… supported by the Harukichi re-rolls and Jumo Training tokens. Thanks to outnumbering and Stuns, finally Bobata has managed to kill him.

The final result was 3-0 for the Savage Wave. Was a realy fun game (as always) and every model did something realy useful during the match. Now I need to paint some models >_<

Lets see what wave 20 brings to Savage Wave. This faction is enjoying as hell, maybe even more than the Temple 😮 but Temple has cooler models ^^ Master Akari looks promising. The Ito clan is very powerful, but is a bit more boring to play (but Bushido is never Boring at all!), lets see the new model, Mizuki, that looks promising also.

Have fun!


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