Learning Savage Wave 7

New game, Keii, vs Cult. The result was a 0-0 draw.

I tried a list with more Bakemono than Oni, because after lot of games I realized that the little gremlins are the ones making all the scenario stuff, and this game is about Scenario and Activations.




Zung Fu

Uk Kang

Tra Peng

Okina & Oto

2 Spearmen


I started well, with Darkness, doing a prayer in a middle shrine with Tra Peng and taking positions. Turn 2 my oponent was managed to achieve the same number of Scenario Points thanks to an Elixir of Vigor. We both spent 2 Prayer tokens, and no one win the 1st VP.

Some bad rolls by my opponent gave me time and activations (Marionette failing against 1 Ki Waka, and Ikiryo leaving a Bakemono with 1 wound remaining). Nezumi Kun, as always, managed to get pass my defenses, and to score at one of my shrines. I managed to get to his shrines too with some of my bakemono. At the end of turn 4 we both spent our 3 prayer tokens remaining and scoring 9 Scenario Points Each.

I played mainly on the scenarios and very defensively. In the end, the Savage Wave is all about Bakemono, and few Oni or Beasts for instill a bit of fear, dealing damage, holding key positions, and creating threatening auras where enemy models don’t want to go.

Some forests and a cursed honden made me to separate both Oni. I wanted to try Yusha’s Inspiration on Waka (both Oni with 3 dice + Throw attack), but maybe next time…

After all of this time playing with the Savage Wave I’m more convinced about having 50% of Bakemono Horde and 50% of other models in the Wave, ensuring at least 6-7 Ki for the Horde, and at least 8 activations. With less ki or activations, the Savage Wave suffers a lot.

With arround 25 points in Bakemono, still there are a lot of nice combinations under 25 rice for other models:


Yusha + Nian = 21

Bobata + Kano = 21

Zuba + Cave Bat + Jun = 24

Waka + Kano + Boba = 25



Onis are a great defensive models (contrary to their nature), and shine when the enemy models are occupied dealing with the Bakemono just for contest the Scenario Points.

Darkness in Turn 1 is a Must. Not only slows the enemy warband and lets you have a better position; also protect your models from ranged Ki feats, that can be fatal in early game. Gives you a lot of Time.

Zung Fu is great, he gives you an upgrade against Fear, 1 extra Ki, and the possibility of making a model insignificant (no scenario actions that turn). Also Okina & Oto, and Tra Peng. I still don’t have Ki/Time for doing the Frenzied Rhythm, maybe it can works in VIM scenarios instead of Darkness. Anyway, It’s another useful tool in reserve. UkKang is standard, but I like it, and will be more useful in the future as bodyguard. However Wu-Zang is useless for me right now.

Overall the Wave is a hard faction to play with, but pretty solid if you play focused in the scenario with a balanced mix between bakemono and “warriors”. Is very fun to play. I just need more 5-6 rice cost Bakemonos, and more 7-10 rice cost useful models ^^ can’t wait.

Have Fun!

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