Learning Savage Wave 6

2 more games against Cult of Yurei. For The Wave is an extremely dificult opponent, with Fears (poor Bakemono), Sharps (Toughness? Ha!), Opposed Ki Feats (faction with most 1ki models), Soulless models (no consume soul possible)… but, there is a better way for learning that fighting against the most powerful opponent?

I tried again with few Bakemono. The game feels better, but in reality is harder to achieve the Victory Points. The little shitty bastards are useful in the scenario stuff. I used Wu-Zang again, just for trying him, but I don’t like him at all (at least vs the Cult of Yurei).

My thoughts after the battles:

  • Zuba is excellent, as always. A brutal damage dealer, with realiable proning capabilities, not Ki dependant, and with Tactician in reserve if needed. However I need to select better my foes. Isolated against enemies with dodge (Nezumis, Harionago…) doesn’t worth at all, is just a waste of expensive activations. Attacking models without dodge, like Gaki, and Slam them against the models with dodge is better ^^
  • I learned a bit using Yusha. Doing Oni Rage in first turn is very useful with him (I will move forward anyway). With his 2 Ki, he can Inspire all turns + one Spur On per game if saved ki in Turn 1. With The extra ki granted by Rage, he can also Consume souls, and maybe gain inspiration for turn 1 if needed. I used him as a SpearHead and Tank with great results. Is better to have him in the middle of the fray, because he can grant his bonuses in the same way than being behind. Also I noticed that he isn’t Stubborn, can be useful.
  • The Nian is much better than the Cave Bat, or at least more threatening. He shines with the extra die (with Yusha), just like Kano does. Gives him more defense, and a die to spend in throw attack, very useful. With Sweep or Throw and +2/+3 strenght he almost everytime deals at least 1 wound, debilitating the foe. He excel in iniciation, with Fear and Sixth sense for defense. The most difficult part is choosing a new “The Hunted”, because he needs to stay very close to an Oni.
  • The Cave Bat, in the other hand, is very bad at iniciations. He has better defense (3 dice + dodge, also with Sixth sense), but he lacks Bravery/Fear, true damage, and needs a wounded target for Sweep attack. Now I see him as a scavenger, finishing wounded models. He can jump long distances for negating movement to a wounded model, and his minimum damage is 2 with the poison… I want to try him more, seems good but is a very difficult model to use well. Also the flank is most of the time a Waste of activations. Is worse than Impetuous or Stupid, if you fail the roll you are playing without a model, without activations 2 entire turns… is only useful in scenarios with huge reward close to enemy deployment zone: Botoku and Ryodo. And useless in Idols, Seigyo, Omaju…
  • Finaly Wu-Zang. I don’t like him. Maybe against Samurai, where being in combat is dangerous and is better to Poison the powerful Warriors, or making them Slow+Weak can be a huge reward. But againts cult is a waste of Rice. He is very expensive. Often he is useful just for Focus and gain extra Ki, but Okina&Oto can do the same + give Leadership and is cheaper. Just for curiosity I looked at the old card and I saw that he had a Special Trigger attack with his Cane that allows to put any one of his Ki Feats effect in the enemy if succesful with mele attack. I’m asking myself why GCT removed that in New Dawn… :S

I want to play more games. Bushido is such a great game. We have played it close to 3 years now, and wanting more and more. The Savage Wave is very fun to play, but need more models with new resources. I want to try the Kaiheis soon… ^^

Have fun!



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