Learning Savage Wave 5

Trying the lists with the mix of Bakemono and other models I realized the following things:

  • Giant Bat is very good, but realy difficult to use properly (When to flank, where to move, when to move…). I need to try it more.
  • Kano with 4 dice is one of the best things in the savage wave (take care of Kato’s Marionette however >_<). He will be a main threat for your enemy until he is dead, and he has killing power close to Zuba. Also his  stuns help a lot.
  • Tribal Brutes are very bad. They can gain fear 5 at high cost (useful for engage models with Fear), but they are Stupid, so they are unreliable troops when his only role is to be a reliable cheap troop. They are tougher than Bakemono, but lack camouflage and do the same job. Its better to spend the 1 rice upgrade in Okina&Oto or Tra-Peng or other things.
  • Yusha is solid, but not so good. He has the same defensive capabilities as Zuba, and is a nice Support with Inspiration and Spur on, but comparing to Zuba or Bobata (2 rice more) he lacks lots of control and hitting power. Zuba is much better and creates a large threat aura with his Ranged attack or his powerful mele attacks, and can give Tactician. However I like Yusha overall (movement 5, fear 5, 10 wounds…) is a nice tank with support abilities. Is best used against weak targets, abusing of his Fear 5, and Throw attack. Don’t use him against 3 dice + dodge models or better warriors, except if you only need to soak damage.
  • Savage Wave realy need a couple of solid models of medium rice cost (6-9) like Kano and the Cave Bat, and one reliable Combo attack. Unfortunately we won’t see that thing soon.

Have fun!

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