Special Attacks: “Strong Attack” vs. “Combo Attack”

Today we are going to compare this two popular damage dealing special attacks. Even though the effects have little in common, the objective is exactly the same: increase the quantity of wounds inflicted on the enemy. It’s not common to find models with both attacks on their cards. This post is to highlight the strenghts of each of them against different kind of defenses.

Strong Attack:

+ Ensures no negative modifiers in the damage roll, and some very probable extra wounds.

+ Can effectively punch through armour and toughness.

+ Perfect to finish off already wounded models.

– Useless against Durable models.


Combo Attack:

+ Devastating in high Success Levels (4+). SL 6 means an average of 12 wounds.

– Useless in low Success Levels (2-)

+ Perfect for durable models.

– Suffers greatly from armour and toughness traits (they affect each damage roll separatedly).

+ Combines well with fire, poison, stun and similars. Each hit can apply a token, easily piling them up on an enemy.


Combo and Strong would be aproximatedly paired in extra damage in SL 4 (SL 6 vs. armour or toughness).

After reading both, we can clearly conclude that Strong Attack is an all-round ability effective in most fights and Combo Attack, even seeming less effective or more situational, gives us an easy solution where Strong Attack would be useless. Remember that a list can work perfectly without Strong Attacks, but if you don’t include any Combo Attacks in your list, you may find yourself stuck or not completely benefiting from fire/poison.




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