Learning Savage Wave 4

After more games I started to use more Bakemono. They are probably the worst models of bushido (except for Araka, Atsuko, Fishermen, Gengo), but still they are incredibly useful in Scenarios.

The perfect balance in when you have at least 6 Ki for the Horde. So you can include things like:

  • Okina&Oto, Tra-Peng, Spearman, Zung-Fu
  • Tra-Peng, Zung-Fu, 2 Spearmen, 1 Bushi

6 Ki allows you to use Darkness in Turn 1, denying central Idols or Shrines to your enemy and possibly capturing 1 or more Idols for your warband (remember that Tra-Peng if not seen can Shadow Walk and Capture alone).Darkness is also a great Ki Feat, because it let you to advance safely. Deny your opponent ranged attacks and ranged ki feats is Huge.

Also with 6 ki you can summon a Bakemono in turn 2 (and 3, 4… if your loses let you), that can be very useful as Scenario threats (a squishy camouflaged bakemono can make you to win the game) or for blocking movement (protecting rear zones, or effectively blocking tight corridors, etc).

The main role of the bakemono is go ahead and Tire the enemy models if possible, and capture the scenario objectives (again when possible). After trying a lot of Savage Wave combinations, I realized that the screen that bakemono generates, and the advantage in activations that they provide (not always, but usually an enemy warband have 6-7 models and yours 8) is invaluable for the rest of your warband. An oni that is safe, and can choose when to attack (and attack to exhausted/outnumbered/surprised enemies) is double effective and lethal.

So 6 ki for the horde, that means 20-24 rice points spended. Now we have around 26 rice to spend in the rest of the warband:

  • Yusha, Kano, Giant Bat
  • Zuba, Nian, Slave
  • Kemono&Ushi, Boba, Slave
  • Zuba, Bobata

There are plenty of possibilities, very different in gameplay, but efficient if the bakemono did their job. They will be free, and they don’t need to spend activations in scenario actions. Slaves are great fillers in any warband, and excel as Spearheads, better than bakemono (let the bakemono do the scenario stuff).

With that kind of lists I started to have a realy good results the first turns. Almost always I win the first VP. But after the turn 3, I start to have problems… I need to try more…

Until the next time. Have fun!!

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