Kairai Horde

Welcome to the Kairai Horde post. Here you’ll find every trick you need to now for a succesful list filled up with Kato and his minions.


Let’s start with the first tip, which should never, ever, be forgotten:

Building up a Kairai Horde list is a bad idea“. Not that kind of “bad“; I mean truly bad. “Everytime you think about a Kairai Horde list God makes a cute Kami explode” kind of bad. Kairai’s are supports, and never consider them as the “Core Cult Fighters“. They’re freaking slow to be fighters. They just moan and tumble around while being slammed and thrown away.

Their main use is to tire enemy key models, particularly the strong and deadly ones. Roll both dice in defence; such fighters won’t let get touched by a single attack dice. They should stick to them and not let them go. Abuse their Rise trait (empowered by Kato), stand up again and again, tiring enemy models. They can also be a good mean to get the enemy Outnumbered in order to strike with a non-kairai model. Feel free to stack more than one on the same enemy to get his Melee Skill down.

Their other use is purely defensive. It’s a 4 rice model that causes fear, has toughness and can even Rise again and again. Stick them to an objective and avoid enemy models control it or activate it. Anything that gets close will probably be higher in rice cost, so that’s a win!

The drawbacks are high, though. They really lack mobility and are very easily thrown away by special attacks or defenses, rending them useless. The best they could do is to tire en enemy model while standing up from prone, just to be slammed away once again. What’s more, Prefecture’s Samurais will always get through the 2 dice defense, and it’ll be about time that Critical Strike will proc.

So the Cult needs its wide range of models to cope with everthing else than tiring close models or working as very slow meatshields.

True story. Nothing worse than watching half a dozen kairais crawling and moaning in despair. Not real despair, though, they’re brainless zombies after all.

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