Learning Savage Wave 3

Another game. A win but was a tought battle against Ito Clan. The scenario was Botoku, a realy nice scenario which involves defending your shrine, control the middle zone, and use prayer in the enemy shrine if possible.

I changed the list a bit, removing Yusha + Cave Bat and both special cards from last time and replacing them with Wu-Zang and Bobata:









I just wanted to try Wu-Zang again. He is expensive for my liking and too random, but I wanted to try his forgotten ki feat: Grasp of Darkness. I think that this Ki feat is an awesome one. Making an Oni gain the iniciative when attacked and also with very low chances of suffer real damage is scary for the opponent, and let you crush your foes efficiently. At least in paper… Unfortunately I couldn’t use the Feat against Ito Clan, with Cobra Strike and lots of ranged attacks.

His list was very efficient, I liked it a lot:









I used Naoko + Kaihime with lots of Blood of Orochi in the tourney and is terrifying to deal with. (Naoko is a pain in the ass) Fortunately, toughness was very useful mitigating the poison ^^

Slam attacks are key. The clan has a lot of steady models, but having Masunagi, Naoko and Ashigaru proned is necesary if it’s possible. Also push the enemy models out of the Zone of control is very important. Bobata with Push (0) shines on this. Surprisingly, I used Wu-Zang for mass-poisoning Masunagi and get rid of him, (not blessed by Orochi uh? :P) was very useful.

Bobata was the tank almost the entire game. He didn’t do too much, but he survived a lot against the odds and that gave me precious time for killing other models.

Kano and Tra-Peng were efficient like always. I’m loving Kano in almost every game. The 1 ki rating hurts, but in combat he can be very scary. He killed Saburo alone in turn2. With his stun + 3 dice + Brutal, he has a killing power close to Zuba, and with him “The best defence is a good attack” is a reality.

Now that I don’t forget use the Blood Frenzy with Jun, he do wonders as well. Poison killed him however…

The final result was 2-0, and was because Tra-Peng used all my prayer tokens in my enemy’s shrine, giving me fair advantage in Scenario Points. Also, Wu-Zang was surprisingly useful at the end, declaring Focus to achieve 6 Ki, and summoning a Spearman Bakemono to support Tra-Peng in the last turn.

The bakemono were very useful in the scenario. And the Oni were useful in combat. Only Wu-Zang survived at the end of the game. All of the others were killed in action mostly due to poison.

Finally I’m learning to use the Oni Rage, and save 1 ki for Consume Soul (was very useful in this game). The healing can be done when one of your models die, and 1-2 extra wounds for an Oni is dangerous thing for the opponent.


Have fun!


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