The Damage Table

What to say about Bushido’s Damage Table? Is one of the multiple things very well done in this game:


2 dice sum and then you look the result at the column belonging to our Success Level of the attack. This roll is modified by Strenght and Armour (and Strong and Weak).

With 2 dice the luck in the roll is limited, because the average rol will be 6-8. This “average damage” is always the Success level of our attack, and the result can be modified up to -3 or +3 damage bonus.

Is very important for a Good Player of Bushido to know wisely this table. Predict the average result, the minimun or the maximum damage that an enemy can deal to your models, or your models to your enemy is vital at the battlefield.

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2 Responses to The Damage Table

  1. Josu says:

    Cuando llegas a esta tabla es cuando Rentan de verdad los onis 🙂

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