Learning Savage Wave 2

2 more battles. Usually I like to change the list a lot and try new things every time I play, but is better to stick to one set of models and play a lot with them for learning their tricks, positioning and capabilities. So, little changes to the list. I improved it a bit though:


Zuba + Elixir of Vigor

Yusha + Vial of Raijin Breath


Cave Bat




Changing Waka with Kano gives me more punch, and 1 rice for an Elixir, which gives Zuba an extra activation.

Zuba + Elixir can capture an Idol in turn one, Yusha + Vial too, and Tra-Peng + Shadow walk sometimes. Thats powerful.

However the first game was fast. Was Depletion scenario. I achieved 1st VP, but AGAIN I suicided Zuba -this time in Turn 1 >_< – and then my opponent had a lot of activations and advantage. Zuba with 3 activations in turn one is a beast, but he dies quickly, so I must relax, and play safe ^^

The cause was that I was trying to Prone Taka with a ranged attack, for negating an activation and delay Wrath summoning, but I failed. Then I did bad, activating the Elixir of vigor for not to leave an exhausted Zuba in the middle of the battlefield, but Taka used Instil Wrath on him, so the extra activation was wasted on running berserk against my enemies deployment zone… ===> Zuba Dead.

The other flank was solid, with Yusha and Bat “controling” a middle shrine etc, but the game was very hard to carry at this point.

Yusha with the Vial has one problem. He has 4 ki in turn 2: two for Inspiration and two in reserve for Spur On. But if I use the elixir I spend 1 Ki, so no Spur On possible in all game (or 1 turn without inspiration). I can use 1 ki for Consume Soul though.

In the second game I promised myself to not suicide Zuba 😀 Was an epic game, the scenario was Ryodo. I played very well, but I had horrible luck in dice rolls. Zuba failed a Slam attack against Gok, and then Yusha also failed a 3 dice vs 1 die Throw attack…

Kato won the game, Ivory Masking the poor Jun, and Controlling Kano forever >_< He is one of the best models in the game. Ivory Mask attack is the most powerful attack in the game if you play wisely, and the marionette is a nighmare a gives you activations.

I played Zuba well. His ranged attacks and Slam attacks are the key for control the opponent activations. Most of the time is better to do a Slam (trying to hit at least another model with the attack) than go for dealing damage. The failed Slam against proned Gok costed me the game… I could left Gok, Kato and Nezumi prone with that attack.

I remembered to use the Blood token on Jun, and he was amazing. Is great as a Spearhead, tiring the enemy models and outnumbering them. However Kato ivory mask ends the Last Stand…

Kano with 4 dice is a very powerful warrior, with 2 defence dice + toughness and good attack, or 3 dice + brutal + 5 strenght attacking he is frightening.

Tra-Peng did it well like always. His Stun and the Snare are very valuable. And the GIant Bat worked well as denying tool, entertaining Taka the whole game.

Fear 5 is a powerful defence against the small rat swarms (they are a pain in the ass), so tire an Oni with one swarm is not free. However the swarms can contest control zones, so you can’t ignore them… fucking rats.



Have fun!


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