Learning Savage Wave 1

I started this blog like four times now, but always become abandoned soon. Recently I won a mini-tourney with Ito Clan  -which is a very powerful faction if the enemy doesn’t have ki feats for crowd controlling your warriors, and a bunch of luck- and playing in some scenarios for first time I have new perspective of the game -we used to play Omaju most of the time-.

With new idea for this blog, just a diary of my experiences and thoughts about Bushido, I start again once more.

My favourite faction is The Temple. I played this faction since the beginning of Bushido, with the old rules, like 3 years ago… -now we have a lot of models !! woohooo!! 😀 – but now I have also Prefecture, Ito Clan and Savage Wave.

Now I’m playing with Savage Wave, the forgotten faction >_< but very unique and fun to play one. Is very hard to master and most of the models have drawbacks -rarely seen in other factions- but the main reason of the faction downside is the lack of models. Being one of the 4 original Bushido Factions, Wave is the one with less models avalaible (I don’t count Standard Bakemono as 8 Models ^^) followed by the Cult (most of the Kairai are a bit useless, and Araka too), but maybe I will write about this in another entry…

Most of the time I play against Cult, and my opponent REALLY knows how to play it well, so I always have Fear tests in mind and opposed Ki tests. Hard times for Savage Wave.

The other day -not my first time with The Wave, but the first one for learning deeper his tricks and tactics –  I tried this list:



Waka + Vial of Raijin Breath


Cave Bat




The scenario was The Idols. The idea was to Turn one of the idols in turn one with Waka, or two if possible, also with Tra-Peng (with Scout+Shadow walk if he is not visible), and then adapt…

The beginning was great, but then Wraith came in and all started to fall. That Wraith is a MONSTER against savage Wave. Was the 1st time I missed Boba, with ranged attack and piercing shots, maybe is the only one capable of dealing with the Wraith. Waka has a lucky shot against him that can turn the battle in my favour, but my opponent knows this, so Waka is his main prey with Wraith (that can attack everywhere and then leave). Usually Waka tanks a bit, but this time Sichiro dealt 3-4  wounds to the oni, and later Wraith finished him in 2 attacks.

I need to play more carefully with Zuba. He is awesome, but he plays against you, inciting to use him agressively, but is better to wait the right moment – as always in this game-. His proning ranged attack is one of the best tools in the Wave, and must be used every time he moves.

As with Samurai, is better to have the Oni in the middle of the table, or between your 2 main objectives. This way their threat range is bigger, and they can react effectively, but I need to be very cautious with the placement and avoid bottlenecks.

The jumping or movile models (Nian, Cave Bat) are better in the rear of an oni. Moving the oni first is better, because the bat or Nian can jump over the Oni, but the Oni can’t jump over the beasts, hampering the movement and slowing the advance. Very important.

Yusha should be also in the middle zone, so this way he uses better his Feats Range. And always use the Inspire when possible. If I wait too much, the models can be attacked and I cannot use the extra dice, which is better in defence than in attack.

Was my 2nd time using Jun. He is very important in Savage wave, a key model, but I always forget activate his Blood Tokens, because must be activated in the Starting Phase, they are not instant >_< So, I need to remember to activate blood frenzy always in turn 2.

Waku is annoying. An animal with Dead Sentence has the debuff for all the game >_<

Lets see if I can learn from this and apply to the next battle.


Have fun!


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